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Harrisburg, PA- The Third in The Burg had a successful Friday on April 15th. With the weather finally cooperating with the general public’s sensory and feelings the streets of Harrisburg were flooded with by passers appreciating live street performers, crowds snagging a quick drink at their favorite bars, and a nice stroll down Front Street.  But the spotlight for the entire night was captured by the Trevor Hall concert at HMAC .with the doors not set to open until 8pm, a line to get a front row gaze at the star was line up way ahead of time.  Upon entering the stage the immediate crowd and biggest fan swarmed to the front to wait for the artist. The night was opened by the mesmerizing folk music of Gone Gone Beyond.

Philadelphia, Pa- Hispanglish Radio today announces the addition of another local/regional band to their platform. Their commitment has been to provide local music artist with a platform where they can expand their reach and become known in “their backyard”. Today the addition is the band My Ex-Girlfriend’s Ex-Boyfriend Band. Here is the band’s bio:

“During COVID, I turned off my devices for a week and found an iPod I had when I was in high school. It all came flooding back,” he says of his rock- and punk-focused pandemic-era singles project, including “Eloisa,” loosely adapted on the cult classic Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind. “It turns out I’d subconsciously been writing songs that were spiritually linked to music that moved me when I was younger.”

Believe it or not, Philadelphia has contributed more to the world than cheesesteaks and the Rocky franchise. There are tons of amazing artists that got their start in Philly throughout the years like Boyz II Men, Hall and Oates, The Roots, The Dead Milkmen, and more. However, it’s not just legacy acts that call Philly their home. The popularity of indie/alternative music started a movement in Philly that hasn’t slowed down since.