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There are many aspects to what constitutes the “quality” of a patent in the United States. The term “quality” primarily refers to a patent’s strength when that patent is the subject of litigation in this country, and more specifically, the likelihood that said patent will be held to be valid and infringed by a competitor. But the term “quality” further encompasses other aspects.

The role of illustration has become more and more ubiquitous for brands delivering their message. Companies use illustration in a variety of ways to distinguish themselves from their competition. It’s a great way to enhance storytelling and convey complex ideas in a more digestible way. It’s eye catching, adds a level of emotional depth, and has no constraints beyond what it is in your imagination. 

Our core mission is to be a platform where businesses and customers can build communities together. To make that happen, we have created spaces for in-person and virtual networking events. Additionally, we have been hosting workshops to provide opportunities for owners, founders, and professionals to learn and grow together.

What are your marketing goals for 2024? You may be planning to increase your organization’s membership, start a new business, or grow your current business. On the other hand, perhaps you aim to enhance the influence of your professional brand.